At Relief Therapy Solutions, I am dedicated at providing you the best Myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, and other helpful services to aid in pain relief, stress release, and over all to feel good.  I listen to your needs at each session, because I believe you are not the same person you were yesterday, today and going into tomorrow.  Treating and believing the pain you are in and looking else where for the cause, is what my goal for you.  Not only relaxing from stress with massage therapy, but getting deeper into what is causing what is happening and starting to correct issues with myofascial release, craniosacral therapy and kinesio taping®.  

My Myofascial Release (MFR) utilizes the John F. Barnes approach to treating pain and dysfunction.   Myofascial release (MFR) is a gentle and effective hands-on therapy that applies myofascial stretching to eliminate pain, restore range of motion, and function when other treatments modalities have been temporary or ineffective. 
Craniosacral therapy (CST) utilizes the Upledger / Heartwood Institute of Integrative Medicine approach with the combination of MFR to help facilitate underlining restrictions.  This is a gentle, hands-on approach primarily using the head (cranium/cranio) and tailbone (sacrum/sacral) as areas of focus through the spinal cord.
As you allow yourself to feel the pain and soften into it, your authentic healing happens as you unwind and release into which binds you.  Releasing that straight jacket feeling.  Myofascial Release allows authentic healing, for a lasting change, in a gentle, non-invasive manner.  
I look forward to helping and aiding in what causes lack of health.
With each treatment, if needed, and time does allow,  I will give an extra 5-10 minutes added to treatment.  For instance a 60 minute treatment could last up to 70 minutes if extra therapy time is needed, not to leave an area parially treated.  There is no extra cost for the extra time, just continued health.
I offer lending out reading material and DVD's for patient education.  Items are more to help educate on what is or maybe why things maybe helping or seem to have stopped improving and finding out what can help to get that train back on the track to improve. ie somato-emotional release (Craniosacral therapy), Unwinding (Myofascial Release).  I encourage respectfully to have such item(s) returned in a timely manner.  Any lost, or damaged items will be the responsibility of the individual who has item(s).  Items lending out is for a maximum of one month.  
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